Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sunshine in England..

Suddenly overnight everything seems allright.
Everyone seems to love it
Sitting down on the lawn
Just enjoying the sunshine
in groups small and big

Everyone seems eager
to go home,to feed the dog,
water the plants,
sit in the garden....
Just take time to chat,

A dash of sunshine
and all the chronically ill
frail patients are up and about
smiling from ear to ear.
A little bit of sunshine.....

Sunday, April 15, 2018

New Wine - Hillsong Worship

Sunday, April 8, 2018

A weekend of hit and miss.

I did the rounds of the surrey quay after a hit and miss session looking for the woodwork lab.I realised I was supposed to be in Battersea on the other end of London so I spent the day whiling around the quay while waiting for Anu to come back from work.I walked into the movie hall ,seeing a poster of Mary Magdalene ,was excited to see it.I sat through the first 20 minutes of the movie and was so revulsed by the potrayel of the charecters and the words that were put into Jesus' mouth I found myself almost falling sick with disgust and ultimately had to walk out of the hall.
Towards the evening I had a good time with Anu ,just chatting and then we made it to O2 to watch Prateik Babbar's all of '120 seconds' in Baghi 2.The movie was allright but Prateik was good.
By the time we finished,a Sam Smith concert got over so we were part of the flood of humanity floating towards the metro,London bridge and back to Anu's flat.
Church was hillsong in the Dominion today and we had Chris Mendes ,on the way to Africa for compassion international work share the message with us.He pastors a hillsong church in Argentina we were told.
It was a powerful message on the calling of prophet Jeremiah.
God after he assures Jeremiah that He had pre-ordained Jeremiah for the work he was to do asks him a strange question.'What do you see?'Jeremiah says he sees a branch of almond tree and God tells him he sees correctly.Almond trees apparently are the first trees to
flourish after the winter and the first tree to flower in spring.It is an awakener and an observer.God gives him a glimpse of what he is about to do through Jeremiah's life.
As in Habakuk God says-'...write down the vision....a herald may run with it...'A herald needs to run with the vision God gives us.It requires clarity and writing down and then an action.
In Israel when pastor Chris was visiting on a sabath sunday he saw thousands of people praying in the western wall.After he had finished praying they noticed an old man sitting by a chair and just watching the crowd,so he and his friend walks up to the man and asks him,'what are all these people praying?'The old man replied ,'They are praying as they perceive what God is.'
It was a powerful lesson he brings home with him.His prayer since then has changed to ,'Lord let me perceive you in the manner you are to be perceived.As we perceive God our vision with him will be formed so it is essential that we perceive him as He is.
In the parting he shared three charecters of vision
1)Vision generates need.The need is good because it will catapult you to fulfill the vision God has placed in our lives.
2)Vision fuels our faith,There is a difference.It is the Word of God that produces faith but vision fuels it.
3)Vision will always produce hope for a better tomorrow.
We live according to the eternal purposes and not our temporal circumstances.
We live by our convictions and not our convenience.